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10 CV questions every graduate should have answers to!

Recently graduated and starting your career journey?

Wondering what graduate schemes or jobs are available to you or how to apply for your first job?

Your CV is a very important tool to help you take the first of many steps in your much desired career journey. Thus, it is necessary that you understand the key fundamentals of a winning CV.

Below are 10 key questions and answers you should have at your fingertips

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What does CV stand for

CV is an acronym for the words Curriculum Vitae - a Latin word meaning “course of life” or in other words, a history of one’s life. However, in the job application environment, it is a history of one’s work or career life. Such history typically details a summary of work history, achievements, qualifications, aspirations, hobbies, skills and a brief description of self.


Why are CVs important

Just like in a court of law where a lawyer speaks on behalf of their client, CVs are basically advocates. They speak on behalf of their owner, arguing the case for why their owners should be considered/interviewed/hired for a job.

The better your CV advocate can argue on your behalf, the greater your chances of being considered/interviewed/hired.


Can CVs be 3 pages long or more

The simple answer is YES and….NO.

Just like culture is not written and continues to evolve, CV norms, perceptions, expectations and practices continue to change with society, job sectors, technology and society in general. While for most sectors and jobs, the current norm is to have a 2-page CV, 3 at most and if you must, some sectors such as the academia allows for a scroll-type CV with several pages is expected (The more details of research, qualification etc included in the CV, the better it is perceived). Also, for contract type jobs, many-paged CV are acceptable as it depicts the contractor as experienced and a worthy investment by the hiring manager.


Do I have to put certifications on my CV

Again, YES and …NO. If a job advert specifies the need for certain certification as required or optional, definitely call it out on your CV if you have it and any other related certification e.g. if a degree in business management is required, and you have it as well as an MBA, do state that you have both. However, note that if you feel that the role or organisation is such that the hiring manager may not appreciate or feel threatened by the MBA certification, then stick to what has been asked for. On the other hand, if it’s a low paid job where following strict process and protocol is all that’s required, you may decide not to detail any certification or perhaps, keep it to the basics.

RevolvedCV ...ATS effective graduate CV writers


When is a CV not required

Considering more people are hired via networking than through the typical job application process, this is a tough one!

In practice, there are many instances when a CV is not required to get a job. For instance, during a start-up, when members are being co-opted and help is required. Others include family-run businesses and similar.

Such opportunities save employees a lot of the hassle you and I (RevolvedCV) deal with developing award-winning CVs.


Will my CV go straight to the recruiter

Yes: If the recruiter works for a small firm or the role is a specialist one where there are few possible candidates in the market or a head-hunting situation or where automation does not exist.

No: In the situation where automation – Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is being used by the recruiter, your CV has to initially be assessed by a computer programme to determine the degree to which you’re a fit for the role. Such programmes are increasingly getting smarter and more complex, using big data, AI and Machine learning. The programme then ranks each CV and presents its finding to the recruiter who then determines who needs to be progressed in the recruiting process and interact with a human or who gets dropped from the recruitment process.

RevolvedCV ...ATS compliant professional CV writers


Who are the best professional CV writing company

Really? Is that really a question?

Alright, now you’re here, you’re at the right place to be. Give us a quick call for a free CV review worth £60 and more.


Which CV template is best

No one template is best. While there are ever more fanciful templates being created, note that most non-textual content on CV are not always easily-read by the ATS. This jeopardises your chances of being properly assessed and ranked for a job that you might otherwise be perfectly suitable for.


How in 2022, should my CV look like

A winning CV should be all four things:

1. Simple

2. Structure

3. Have the right content

4. An Effective, Efficient and Convincing communicator – the best advocate for each job applied.


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