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The best questions to ask in an interview

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

Questions and Answers:

They constitute the core of every interview and .... Everyone knows that you have to prepare for the questions you're going to be asked in an interview. However, few give significance to the importance of preparing to ask the interviewer your own questions.

So, what are the best questions to ask an interviewer, and when should you be asking them?

REVOLVEDCV - Interview Questions

Why is it important to ask the interviewer questions?

When an interviewer asks you if you have any questions, you are being given a chance to leave a memorable final impression on the company, and it is most certainly not a chance that you should pass up - the worst thing you can answer to this question is 'no'. Not only are you proving that you have thought about what you want to ask, you are showing an interest, and it is a fantastic opportunity for you to learn more about the company, the role or whatever it may be.

When should I ask questions during the interview?

RevolvedCV - Best questions to ask during an interview

It is important that you only ask a question when you are prompted to, which will almost always be at the end of the interview; this is because there is a chance that if you ask your question too early, you run the risk of addressing something that will come up later in the interview.

What are the best questions to ask and what should I avoid asking?

Below are some guidelines on great questions to ask the interviewer. They include questions about:

1. The Job Role:

What would you be expecting me to accomplish in the first 6 months after being employed?

This type of question shows the interviewer that you are thinking towards the future, which is an appealing quality of a potential recruit, it also proves that you are curious about your line of work.

Can you tell me what a typical day here would look like?

This will help you get an idea of what your daily tasks may be, and not only does it allow you to get an insight into the company, but it shows the employer that you like to be organised.

2. The Company:

Where do you see the company itself in 5 years time?

You want to be sure that the company is looking towards the future as well, this type of question will allow you to see if your goals align with the companies and they will see that too.

What keeps or motivates you to keep coming to work every morning?

It can be good to ask the interviewer this kind of personal question because it will give the impression that you are interested in the company and the work culture.

3. Your Skills & Qualifications:

Do you have any concerns about my skills or qualifications?

This question will give you a second opportunity to clarify any issues that the interviewer may have about your qualifications or skills as detailed on paper and perhaps, a second chance to express how your talents align with the requirements of the role and the business.

4. Questions to avoid discussing:

What does a person do in this role?

This shows that you have basically not prepared for the interview by reading the job description or the job advert. Except, if there was non and in deed there are some instances where this situation does occur. It is always best to have a very good understanding of what the job requires, do additional research and clarify finer details - this instead, shows your interviewer keen interest and the fact that you're so interested in the role that you've gone the extra mile to research at task level.

What is the earliest time I can leave daily?
RevolvedCV - Best questions not to ask during an interview

Similarly to above question, while it may be a genuinely innocent question, the way and context within which it is asked is significantly important as the question may easily be misconstrued or perceived as one wanting to know how quickly they can leave the office daily, getting the barest minimum done. In other words, it may be a sign of lack of engagement with the role. So, do provide context for such questions such as - "I am responsible for school pick-up and as such, I would like to plan my time ahead and perhaps, explore starting a bit earlier to get more work done".

What does the company do?

Really? Even the most secretive organisations - the CIA, KGB, Mossad etc will advertise a company cover story when recruiting. Asking such a question reeks of 100% lack of interest or desire in the hiring organisation, lack of the basic ability or interest to research and also, screams "Bad human resource investment - do not hire!!!" to any would be employer.


A fundamental part of your interview preparation, is also preparing to ask your interview some sensible questions - questions that also strongly portray you as skilled, interested, passionate and keen for the role and hiring organisation. Basically, as the person to be hired.

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