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Terms and Conditions



It is very important to note that each time you place an order with RevolvedCV, you are automatically agreeing to our Terms and Conditions as set out on this page below.



On the basis that your placed order is accepted by RevolvedCV (that is, your order is not returned to you within 24 hours of it being received), it will serve as the basis for a contractual agreement with you; the details of the Terms and Conditions detailed on the site as at the time of your order will govern RevolvedCV contractual interaction and obligations with and to you respectively.


RevolvedCV maintains the right to update the prices quoted on its website (, without prior notice and RevolvedCV do not accept any liability for this. Should our prices change after you have placed an order then the price at the time placing your order will apply.


Ordering with RevolvedCV:

In order to complete your order, we collect some personal information required to identify you and also for processing service payment. Should any of the required information not be available as at the time of or while placing your order, RevolvedCV will contact you to request the missing information.

RevolvedCV takes payment in advance of service delivery. This is in order to begin processing placed customer orders. However, should you wish to pay by other means not presented to you in our checkout process, then please make contact to discuss alternative methods.


Communication following order placement:

We apply two modes of communication following an order placement.

The primary mode of communication to you is via an official email address.

All responses must be sent back to the same email official email address or where necessary, the mailbox.

Once your order has been made, endeavour to check mail folder boxes such as ‘Junk’ mail folder and similar, to ensure you do not miss any communication from us as this may impact SLA compliance and the quality of your experience with us.

On occasion, we may contact you by phone for detailed clarification and alignment purposes.

Note: We will NEVER ask you for any confidential, financial or payment information

Order changes and recompense

Should you place an incorrect order such as selecting the wrong type of service, do contact us and we will work with you to resolve any price differences.

For any reason RevolvedCV are not able to meet an agreed delivery SLA, we will contact you to effect and or agree any remedial actions to the situation.

Service Delivery SLA

RevolvedCV will uphold its SLA of delivering a first draft within 24hours of order receipt for each service.

The SLA time frame commences from when all information required to deliver the service has been received from you. This means if additional information is required following the order, we will contact you following the order placement, requesting such information. The SLA time frame will then commence as soon as RevolvedCV receives the requirement information.

However, if RevolvedCV service commences service delivery and mid-delivery, additional information critical to achieving your expectations is discovered to be additionally required, we will contact you requesting this information while working within the SLA. Any SLA extension owing to such engagements will be agreed as part of the conversation with you.

Order cancellation

As the Distance Selling Regulations no longer apply in the UK (Since June 12th 2014), RevolvedCV are compliant with the Consumer Contracts Regulations which came into force on 13th June 2014.

The service RevolvedCV offer are ‘made to the consumer’s specifications’ and or ‘personalised’, it is for this reason, as a policy and in compliance with the Customer Contracts Regulations that our services are exempt from order cancellations. We will however, endeavour to look into each cancellation request case on a case-by-case basis, appreciating that there can be exceptional circumstances. We do however, continue to stand by our guarantee of 100% customer satisfaction guarantee for every placed order.


We welcome complaints as we view this as an opportunity to keep our customers satisfied and also improve our service.

All complaints are to be emailed to the email address below, detailing as much information as possible. The header of such email should ALWAYS carry the subject line: ‘COMPLAINT’ followed by client first name and date of order. e.g.

Subject line: ‘COMPLAINT: Doblain Powell, 24/01/1925.’

As soon as a complaint is received, we will strive to contact the complainant within two working days but certainly within three working days following an internal investigation.

Complaints are to be sent to:



We are not liable for any losses or damages you may suffer as a result of making use of our services or taking our advice

Mailing List Sign-up

By placing an order with RevolvedCV, you are effectively and automatically signing up to our mailing list. You will be provided with an opt-out option in each email sent to you as an easy opt-out option.|

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